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My perfect failure...

One of the things––if we're lucky––that we realize as adults is that everyone fails. And if we keep on keepin' on, we learn that failure can lead to success.

My wonderful friend Paul, across the seas in England, has created a brilliant podcast that makes my heart happy and my mind calm:

Read below for how My Perfect Failure came about:

My Perfect Failure

Paul Padmore––a podcast about finding inspiration, opportunity, relief and even joy,

when we view failure as part of our journey.

My Perfect Failure began as a recurring theme running through my mind––a constant idea that just stayed with me month after month and refused to go away––yet I had no idea where it would lead me.

Around that same time, I’d entered into the notoriously choppy waters of start-up land via the digital advertising industry. Initially, although I was anxious, my overriding emotions were of confidence and excitement. What more could I ask for––we had great owners, I was working with amazing colleagues in a familiar industry, and we had a fantastic idea to catapult us into the marketplace. It was our time, and we were ready to seize the moment.

As we had hoped, the venture started off promisingly, but soon it became clear––I was failing in certain areas––I was not turning my solid relationships into revenue situations. Those of us who inhabit start-up land know the value and importance of a strong beginning. A slowish start is by no means fatal, but a solid start clearly helps with self-confidence, your colleagues’ confidence, and of course the confidence of your investors. As the weeks and months went by, my trusted contacts whom I had pinned my hopes on, continued to bear few fruits. Ultimately the situation did not improve, and my promising start-up life soon became my former start-up life.

Throughout the process I had numerous thoughts running through my mind, by far the most consistent were––how do people recover from failure, and could failure be a precursor to something amazing waiting in the wings. Maybe my failure was my initial step of a wonderful new beginning.

We are familiar with the heralded stories of Jay-Z, the first hip hop billionaire, who couldn’t get a record deal so he sold his CDs out of the trunk of his car; and of Oprah Winfrey surviving her challenges to become a media exec, actress, talk show host, television producer, and philanthropist. And how did J.K. Rowling find the resolve to overcome her numerous rejections by publishers to persist and go on to find fame and fortune with Harry Potter. These are just a few examples that spring to mind––the list goes on and on. More than ever I wanted to know their secrets. How could I, and others asking similar questions, access their box of tricks?

Anyway, a new job came along, but these recurring thoughts still persisted. I realized I needed to figure out the best ways to overcome failure just like Jay-Z, Oprah, and J.K. Rowling––I wanted to join their set.

And then it hit me. I love to listen to podcasts––maybe I could put a podcast together––but I had no idea where to start. So I listened to podcasts, watched YouTube videos about how to launch my own podcast, and reached out to the incredibly generous podcast community. Researching and connecting with people who gave me the confidence to move forward––I wasn’t an expert, but I was determined.

Once I decided to commit, I began living the reality of a newbie podcaster. The next step was to see if there was interest in a podcast discussing failure. To my delight, I was met with universal support from those to whom I had mooted my idea. But to be honest, at that point I was on a mission––I would have continued with my project even if I hadn’t received the positive responses I was looking to find.

Before I could really get going, before reaching out to potential guests and promoting the podcast, I had to choose a name. I considered so many possibilities over the next couple of weeks, but nothing was quite right. And then one day it just came to me––My Perfect Failure––I had found the name for my podcast. I loved the paradox of matching failure to perfect. Is there such a thing as a perfect failure––whether there is or not, isn’t even the point. My overall intent for the podcast was to create and provide a platform that reaches out to people all over the world––to connect with them. And to let them know that failure is an important part of their journeys, that we can consider failure and the challenges we all confront, as major growth opportunities rather than permanent failures.

We know that not everybody has a close-knit network of friends, family, coaches, or mentors they can turn to––so if anybody slips through the net, my hope is for My Perfect Failure to catch them and offer a tool kit of ideas, tips, and tricks they can use to realize their failures are important parts of their journeys. On My Perfect Failure, I connect with amazing guests who are experts in this area, thought provokers, and people who have trodden their own paths to achieve astounding things as they persevered through the harsh lessons of failure they encountered along the way.

My Perfect Failure is a podcast for those who are seeking answers, and it aims to help people discover the wonder and beauty of the relationship that intertwines success and failure. Indeed, it continues to be the podcast that constantly runs through my mind.

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