My mobile service is meant to enable your companion to be as comfortable as possible in their home, as well as convenient and comfortable for you. Your furry companion will be much more relaxed at home, and your calmer state of mind will help them feel more at ease.


Tue Wed Thur Sat

New patient visit ~ 60-90 minutes for discussion, assessment, and treatment

Current patient   ~ 45-60 minutes


Review of medical history

Medical consultation

Physical assessment



Medical consultation

Medical acupuncture

Photomedicine (therapeutic laser)

Therapeutic massage


* May include all or only some options which are provided as an individualized combination of complementary modalities and treatment time based on what is medically indicated and most comfortably received by each patient.

Virtual Support

     With a current client-patient relationship

       I offer communication via text and email to provide support between visits



In-clinic          New patient      $125   (Pets First Animal Hospital)

Home visit      New patient      $150


In-clinic          Current patient  $100

Home visit      Current patient  $125


Included within 40-miles roundtrip

* $25+ greater than 40-miles roundtrip


Your furry friend will need to remain as calm and quiet as possible during the treatment session (20-30 minutes). 


Offering treats, such as frozen baby food or peanut butter in a toy, tiny pieces of crunchies or hand-feeding their meal, is highly encouraged to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Medium to large dogs do best on a no-slip rug such as a bathmat or carpet. 

Small dogs need to be on a non-slip mat on a table or counter.

Cats and small animals do best in an elevated and more confined space such as a small bed, the bottom half of a carrier, or a blanket rolled in a circle. 

Large animals should be in a quiet, sheltered, level area cleared of hay and debris.

Your companion should be allowed to rest for the remainder of the day after treatment and the following day.

They will likely be calmer and sleepier than usual for 24-48 hours after the treatment. This is normal and beneficial and is not a sign of injury or other distress. Please, contact me if you have any questions.

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